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Travel Light Panel

Travel Light Panel

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This meticulously designed case is the epitome of convenience, offering a perfect blend of protection and portability to enhance your on-the-go product capture experiences.

Inside the case, you'll find custom-cut foam inserts that securely cradle your light panel, ensuring that it remains protected against any bumps, jostles, or impacts during your journeys. With this level of safeguarding, you can rest easy knowing your equipment is in the best possible condition, ready to perform at its peak when you need it.

Included in the Case

  1. OSAAP specific light panel embedded in the foam
  2. Power cord for the lightbox
  3. Instructions

Additions with the Camera Case

  1. High-resolution Cannon Power Shot camera, preset to OSAAP specific requirements
  2. Memory card in the camera, preset to OSAAP settings
  3. Camera charger
  4. USB cable to connect the camera to your PC

Made from Black Fabric 1000d, #10 ykk zippers and OSAAP America logo embroidered on the front.


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