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In order to efficiently use our services you need to get yourself a light panel. This allows you to accurately take images of the tools you wish to have in your shadowboard.

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  • Mike Letchworth - High Voltage Battery Test Engineer

    "When the finished shadow boards arrived at the office our team was blown away! It is far superior to the previous die cut and laminated foam inserts that were being used previously and fail within months of normal use. The quality and precision of the foam is incomparable to anything we have seen before. The foam is robust and the color options are a great touch to match your company colors or for additional organization."

  • Micheal Jansen - Principal Manufacturing Engineer

    "What impressed me the most about the design process was OSAAP's ability to come up with a design extremely fast; litterally went from concept to prototype in 3 days (came in with idea on Friday and left with samples that following Monday!)"

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Who is OSAAP?

We offer a comprehensive menu of manufacturing organizational solutions.

The core of our marketing strategy is giving the customer the power to do real-time shadow board design by providing FREE CAD software. Our branches also offer FREE design services.

We offer the complete package for shadow boards design, including machinery and software, so that you can design and produce your own shadow boards.

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OSAAP America Catalog

OSAAP America offers its customers the design and manufacture of fully customized shadow boards in any form and size, promptly complying with customer specifications, and in a very short delivery period. Take a look at our catalog to get familiar with our product, processes, and quality.


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Download our Blue Shadow software for importing and scaling images, and real-time design of shadowboards and foam inlay.

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