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OSAAP Matte Spray (OS-Spray)

OSAAP Matte Spray (OS-Spray)

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The Matte tool spray solution allows for more accurate scans of shiny/chrome tools on OSAAP light panels. The glare from chrome tools prevents an accurate image capture; with the matte spray a layer of matte coverage is applied to the tool, allowing for an image capture without glare. The spray is easy to apply and wipe off after the image is taken. Watch the video for some insight as to how this spray aids in OSAAP's tool capture process.

We are a registered distributor for AESUB.

AESUB blue is a self-vanishing scanning spray developed by scanning experts. The spray evaporates within a few hours, meaning that there is no need for cleaning after scanning. Unlike traditional sprays, AESUB blue does not contain pigments and thus avoids pigment-contamination of sensitive areas, such as laboratories and production sites, equipment and users. You can therefore apply AESUB blue directly, on spot of scanning, without any costly transport to avoid said pigment-contamination in sensitive areas. Overall, AESUB blue greatly increases efficiency and productivity within the digitizing processes.

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